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I only noticed this precious baby after I’d been standing four feet away from it for about ten seconds. Its body wasn’t any bigger than a basketball, and look at how tiny its little hooves are! I had to walk past it several times, and it never budged or made a peep. If you find a baby deer like this, it is not abandoned - it’s keeping a low profile from predators while its mother forages for food for the day. Its mother will come back for it.

Important knowledge about wildlife.

I am glad that someone reminded me that this post exists, because fawning season is coming up. I’d like to add that if you find a fawn like this, I know they’re adorable, but, do not touch it. See how clean it is? No dirt, not a single tick? Their mothers very meticulously groom them, and it helps reduce their scent to almost zero. If you touch a baby deer, you leave a scent on it, and, it’s not that the mother won’t take it back, it’s that predators that might not have noticed the fawn before can smell it, now.

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